About Us

Flaricent Clothing is located in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

At Flaricent, we offer styles you can wear on a daily basis since we utilize the most wearable trends.

We may not cover the latest fashion weeks from around the globe (though, always fun to look at), but we ultimately believe that your style should be easy, effortless and affordable. Instead of buying a rack of clothes mimicking the current six-month fashion, we encourage you to seek items best suited to your own personality and style.

We believe in buying pieces that last for multiple seasons because they play nicely with others, because they hold their shape and form. We believe you can build a beautiful, multi-faceted wardrobe from a handful of true essentials. This theme will reflect in our blog and in our shop, where you will only find pieces that offer true mileage. 

Our selection ranges from casual bohemian chic to sophisticated and elegant. It's an electric mix of current women’s fashion must-haves to simple, classic, timeless pieces.




Flaricent was founded by Irena Iverson.

She earned her MBA from University of California, Irvine and worked in finance for many years. But her passion was fashion and she always had a keen eye for what works for a busy modern woman.

Irena worked as a stylist as well and her work has been published in numerous fashion magazines around the world.