Stylish Pansuits Fashion

Suits are not only for the boardroom! Power suits are back in fashion!

Powersuits can easily make you stand out from the crowd. Sure, the majority of women are in love with blazers teamed with jeans, but those of you who want to create a business-ready, stylish and elegant look should try a powersuit. This is the outfit that can make a strong statement about you in seconds. Today's fashion brings lots of cool designs, styles, and cuts to choose from.

A pantsuit sometimes can look a bit like business attire, so wearing a suit in a feminine way can be done if you play around with colors, material, and fit. Plus, you can style it in different ways by adding lightweight scarves, eye-catching jewelry, and other accessories to brighten up your look. The result can be amazing. 

Tips on Picking a Pantsuit

Pastel colors look very classy and elegant. Pantsuits in any of those will make you look expensive and stylish. Pastels work amazing for spring and summer suits. 

Bright Color

The easiest way not to look too formal by wearing suit is to pick a brighter color Don't be shy choosing fun colors (for a statement go for red, blue or green). 



Red suits are amazing too. I think the best is to wear a neutral color top with it. 


In order not to look too corporate, you can pick a pant suit that comes with a belt or wrap style closure jacket.

 I like the idea of buying a stylish white suit.

There has been a lot of white power pantsuits worn on the red carpet throughout the years. I feel like white pantsuit trend never goes out of fashion.  

The same goes for the red pantsuit. In fact, I feel like if a celebrity opted out a dress for a formal event and went with something else, it is either a white pantsuit or red.

I think there is a way to wear a black suit as well and not look like you came out from your corporate office. The trick perhaps is to buy a fitted jacket and wear it with a nice belt.

2018 trend

I must mention that the runway fashion for 2018 is oversized suits. If you are a more fashion forward, risk-taker who likes very baggy clothing, obviously, you should wear 2018 runway fashionable oversized blazer or suit .


Floral Multi-color

Other Options:

I was talking about pantsuits but there are other beautiful options: a suit with a pencil skirt, vest with pants, matching color top and pants, etc. 

If you are not fond of monochromic outfits, fitted pants and a blazer is a great classy alternative. Even bright colors look classy if styled right. Here is the example of wearing the same jacket with the same Gucci belt but with different pants gives you more life out of your closet items. (That's for those who are on a budget like me).


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