Summer 2020: Silk Outfits Ideas

I see so many silk dresses right now worn by fashionistas that I decided to write a blog about how to wear summer silk. I understand why silk is so popular: it is light, airy, looks and feels great during hot summer days and night. 

The possibilities with silk are endless. What else is great about silk is that it can instantly make you look classy and elegant (see my blog "How to Look Classy).

So, let's see different ways of how to wear silk this summer. 


Solid Color Dresses

I put these dresses in daywear category, but silk is such a luxurious fabric, that all these day dresses are totally appropriate for evening wear. 

Printed Dresses

Notice how completely different dresses can be nicely styled with a Gucci black belt.

You might consider buying a silk item in Polka Dot print which is very popular this summer.

Evening Dresses



Bright Color Dresses

If you are searching what to buy for your summer resort vacation, a silk evening dress is a great idea. In the summer you can wear literally any color you want, even the colors you don't normally wear. 






Classy Pastels

Old money fashion often involves pastels, and I understand why. It’s a subtle and classy color that works on most skin tones and hair colors. It’s also the number one fashion trend when spring starts, as year after year the fashion houses produce apparel in lovely pastels as it carries a summery feel. It makes pastels timeless fashion that works year after year – well worth investing your money in!

To describe what pastels are think of it as a neutral shade of its original color. So we’re talking baby blue (instead of blue), soft pink (instead of bright pink), mauve (instead of purple) and pale yellow (instead of yellow).

White Resortwear

Cocktail Dress

Evening Slip Dress


Evening Dress or Gown 

Silk Top

Silk Shirt

A simple white shirt in quality material. It doesn’t need to be very expensive, but it has to be of a quality fabric, the best would be 100% silk to give you a luxurious look. My favorites are Equipment shirts because I find their silk to be the best.

Silk Pants

Silk Skirts

Silk Jumpsuits and Suits


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