Summer: Polka Dot Outfit Ideas

Polka dots have been dominating the fashion world since the 1950’s. The pattern has the vintage vibe but polka dot outfits can have a fashion-forward look as well.

I don't own any polka-dotted items, but I recently realized I have to change that. I see a lot of classy fashion bloggers wearing polka dots in the spring and summer. Polka dots outfits have that classy and expensive look and can add variety to any closet.

Here are some polka dot outfit ideas:

White and Black Polka Dot Dresses

White and black polka dot seems to be the most popular color combination for a day dress. Also, it is probably the classiest color combo. 

Another observation: it seems a lot of polka dot dresses are done in a classy "wrap" style design. I have been talking about "wrap style" in my "how to look expensive" blog. Wrap style tops and dresses are the styles that are considered to be classy and this style can give you an upscale look.

Polka Dot Bottom

Another way to wear this pattern is to use it just for a top or bottom. The best way to look classy is to pair it with a solid color. 

Perhaps, one of the prettiest and trendiest polka dot items in your closet can be paperbag shorts. I have been thinking to buy them for myself. I have seen it on a couple of bloggers and it looks amazing and very fashion-forward.

Polka Dot Top

I think it's best to style a polka dot top with a solid bottom.

Black and White Polka Dot Outfits

Black and white polka dot outfits are on a more conservative, elegant, and classier side, but you could always spice it up with the right accessories. 

Blue Polka Dot Dresses

If you are not a big fan of outfits in black and white, you can always opt for colorful polka dot patterns.

Red Polka Dot Outfits

Red, in general, is a bold color choice. You need to be able to pull it off and be ready to attract attention. 

 Brown Polka Dot Outfits

I feel like even brown colors (usually not so fun colors) look super playful in a polka dot pattern.

 Other Colors

On the beach - Polka Dot Coverup

Polka dot looks both very classy and fun on the beach. 

On the beach: Polka Dot Swimming Suit

Polka dot swimming suits are just adorable. 

Girly Flirty Summer Mini 

Eclectic Style

Polka dots are usually used for classy styles but you can use the pattern even for your hip, eclectic styled outfit. I am not a fan of cut-offs underneath something longer, but that's when heavy coats or cardigans are involved. Airy polka dot chiffon is cute, young, and eclectic.

Young and Sexy

A polka dot dress and polka dot stockings sound too much in theory but I think on the first picture the girl pulls it off nicely and she looks cute and sexy. In the second picture, the outfit is just so cute. 

Hip: Polka Dot Top + Leather Bottom

I think this combination is a great choice if you prefer edgier looks. 

What Not to Wear

- What I think you shouldn't wear is some kind of see-through polka dot underwear/bustier. You might disagree with me but I think the below wardrobe choice is bad and trashy.

- Also, the top and bottom different polka dot colors might be too busy. It is not a terrible idea, and actually kind of cute for "young" style but plain color top/bottom paired with polka dot is classier.

- Stripes paired with polka dot is definitely "too much" and too busy.

Great Investment 

And finally, I want to talk about smart choices that someone needs to make when living on a budget. Unfortunately, if you are on a budget, you can't buy something that goes out of fashion in a year. You can't afford clothes that don't last long. It is a great idea to invest in styles and items that are in fashion every several years. Polka dot is one of those. Every 4 years it is the hottest pattern of the summer!!! 

Below are celebrities wearing polka dots 10 years ago when it was the hottest thing to wear... exactly like summer 2018. What I mean is that I literally can dig out my 10 years old pants from the bottom of my closet and look like a hot fashionista wearing them. 

Formal Event or Red Carpet Event


Polka dot shoes can be a very fun way to make your outfit stand out.

However, I think the surest way to spice up a monochromic outfit in neutral colors, such as black and white polka dot combos, is to wear it with red shoes and/or red bag. 

In fact, I highly recommend this fashion hack. As I mentioned in my "How to Look Classy" blog (read it here), polka dot is one of those "classy" patterns that I have seen worn through the years by A-listers who would wear the outfits with red shoes. As you know, A-listers hire professional stylists whose job is to dress them well, and pairing red accessories with black and white polka dot was worn by celebrities on a regular basis. Including British royalty.


For Fun: Polka Dot Nails

I am not saying I recommend them but they sort of look fun. I would try this.



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