Summer: How to Look Great on the Beach

 Do you want to look classically chic, boho, young, sexy? What do you want your beach outfit to say about you?

Classy One Piece Swimsuit

If you want to look classy on the beach, it might be a great idea to get yourself a one piece swimming suit. It is not reserved for older ladies, on the contrary, a lot of young girls with amazing toned bodies choose it in order to have that classy look. 

Another observation: if you want to buy just one one-piece suit to have that classy look in addition to your bikinis, go for a white or black one. 



I noticed a bit of trend of big ruffle(s) one shoulder swimming suits

Polka Dot on the Beach

One of the biggest trends of the summer 2018 is Polka Dot pattern. You can show your fashion sense by wearing polka dot to the beach.


I never wear any jewelry at the beach. I like to swim in the ocean and we often have big waves in Santa Monica, so it is easy to loose jewelry while swimming. Nevertheless, I think if you are looking for a certain look, it is a good idea to add some jewelry.

Jewelry can be big and bright but there is a clear line between looking classy and expensive, and looking cheap. 


What not to Wear

You might disagree with me, but I think cheap looking and oversized jewelry and cutouts don't bring sophistication into the picture. Here are the examples:

Beach cover ups

If you want to look stylish on the beach, you need to have a coordinating cover up or a coverup with complementary colors to your swimsuit.


If you are looking for classy look for the beach, you should buy a long cover up. 

The classiest are in white.

Beach Kaftan White

But if you are looking for a more care-free, boho, laid back look, you should pair your swimming suit with a kaftan type coverup. White will still give you a bit classier look, like a crossover between boho and classy. 

Beach Kaftan Solid Color

Beach Kaftan Multi-Color


Other Coverup Options 

These are to have just a coverup top or bottom.

Bottom Coverup 

If you're particularly self conscious there's no reason why you can't team your bikini with a pretty sarong (pareo). Tie it around your waist to emphasize your hips and you'll have an hourglass effect in a jiffy. Sarongs hide a multitude of sins.

Coverup Top

I saw this cutest beach top on couple of bloggers. I think it looks super fashionista like.

Which Coverup not to Wear

This category is debatable but I think evening type lace should be put in this category. 

Summer Hat

To look classy on the beach you need matching or neutral (black, white, beige) color summer hat. Also, a hat is necessary to protect you from harmful UV.



It doesn't matter what your age is, if you have a toned body, it is fun to play with styles and colors and find a cute bikini for a vacation.

I personally really really like scalloped swimming suits. I think they are so feminine. I remember when Marysia came out with their scalloped bikinis several years ago, how trendy they were. Marysia brand is not cheap but nowadays so many brands, even cheap ones, have their version of scalloped bikinis.

Beach Outfits

In case you are not planning to go to the water, and just hang out at the beach, there are also beautiful outfits options how to do it in style.


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