Style Inspiration Part 2: Gucci Bags

I would never advocate spending a lot of money on designer items if you are on a tight budget, but with that said, I wanted to write a couple of blogs about proper occasions to wear designer bags. This blog is about Gucci bags, quite popular with fashionistas.

  1. Guccio Gucci was born in 1881, in Florence, Italy.
  2. In 1921, Gucci opened his first shop in Florence, specializing in leather goods, and quickly built a reputation for quality, hiring skilled craftsmen to work in his shop. This is how the House of Gucci was founded.
  3. In 1947, Gucci introduced the brand's first iconic bag, the "Bamboo bag", a saddlebag featuring bamboo handles, which is still a company mainstay.
  4. After Guccio’s death in 1953, Aldo, along with his brothers, took over and helped promote the company internationally, as it opened boutiques in London, Paris and New York.
  5. In the early '90s, Gucci's image was tarnished when copies of its wares began popping up everywhere. To restore the company's luxury image, the company appointed American designer Tom Ford as Artistic Director in 1994, a position he kept until 2005. Ford is largely credited with turning the Gucci brand around.
  6. The Gucci brand involves more than just their eponymous fashion house. Kering, Gucci's parent company, is a collection of designers who specialize in high fashion luxury retail. The members include Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as Sergio Rossi, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen - what a club!
  7. Today, Gucci is run by Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci, and designs are by Alessandro Michele, the Creative Director.

Gucci Marmont Belt Bag 

Let’s call this Gucci Marmont Belt Bag what it is, a fanny pack. But a cool fanny pack. Some fashion forward bloggers are wearing them with jeans, a top and sneaks, but also over dresses and to belt a long cardigan. 

I noticed the most popular way to wear it in the summer is to pair a red one with white summer dress.

A Gucci belt bag works well with other outfits too, either casual or dressy.

What I like about this bag is it is quite versatile. Some bloggers have been wearing it over a blazer or even a trench coat instead of a regular belt. It makes the look so much more stylish.

This bag can be worn even over a sweater. I think it also ties an outfit pretty well and gives a casual sweater fashion an edgier look.

I also adore how this blogger is wearing this bag while exercising.

Casual Outfit with Gucci Marmont Leather Bag

By "casual" outfit I mean wearing the bag either with denim cutoffs or jeans.

Dressy Outfit with a Marmont Bag

Business Casual with Gucci Marmont Leather Bag

Gucci White Camera Bag

Summer Eclectic Hip Outfit with Gucci Marmont Camera bag

Summer Eclectic Hip Outfit with Gucci Marmont bag

Gucci Red Marmont Bag 

Marmot bag comes in velvet finish and leather.

Gucci Marmont Bag with Embedded Red Hearts


Gucci Ophidia Medium Size Hobo Bag


Gucci Sylvie Small Shoulder Bag

Gucci Dionysus Small Bag and Wallet on a Chain

 Gucci Dionysus bag comes in  bigger sizes too

The most stylish Dionysus bag is in black. A stylish small black Dionysus bag works well as an evening bag and you can see is worn below by a member of the British Royal Family.

Gucci Marmont and Dionysus bag in Fun Colors

Gucci bag with a Polka Dot Outfit

Another idea is to wear a Gucci Marmont or Dionysus bag with a super trendy polka dot pattern.

Gucci Dionysus Bloom

Gucci Dionysus Bag with Bamboo Handle

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Gucci Padlock Small Bag

Gucci Marmont Quilted Backpack

Gucci RE(BELLE) top handle bag

Gucci Ottilia Small Bag with Bamboo Handle


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