Style Inspiration Part 1: Gucci Belts

I would never advocate spending a lot of money on designer items if you are on a tight budget, but if you can afford it, I'd recommend buying a Gucci belt because there are such a variety of ways you can wear it. 

I think the Gucci belt trend came about when high-waisted jeans became more popular.  It has been several years but I see fashion bloggers posting pictures and writing blogs wearing their favorite belt. Gucci belts are still extremely popular. There is one fashion blogger that has her belt worn in every other picture with every other outfit. Way too much but you see my point.

I personally don't own a Gucci belt but after seeing how popular they are and how they can be worn, I am considering buying at least one. 

I put together a board for your style inspiration.

Gucci Belt With a Dress

Solid Color Dresses + Gucci Belt

This is my take on styling a dress with a Gucci belt. The dress is available for purchase HERE

Printed dresses + Gucci Belt

Stylish and Dressy

Black or Brown Gucci Belt With Pants or Classy Jeans


Blue Gucci Belt

Black and brown belts are the most popular but I find this blue belt to be more original in styling (everybody is wearing black and brown ones) and the blue looks great in the spring or summer.

Casual Outfit 

The most obvious "need" for a Gucci belt is to be able to wear it endlessly with jeans and t-shirts. 

One of the most popular ways to wear a Gucci belt is in the summer with denim cutoffs.

The best thing about Gucci belts is that you can wear them all year long: during summers and winters.

How Not To Dress

I would advise not to style a Gucci belt with a Gucci t-shirt and a bag. I think a few logos here and there is fine, but when someone wears 3 same logo branded things at the same time, it starts looking tacky in some circles. Too much logomania is just not a tasteful look.

This girl below is paid by Gucci to advertise their stuff (she just makes it look like street fashion for those who are unaware it's a form of advertising), so this is different. Otherwise, way too many same logos in the same look.  Also, long warm coats, cut-offs and sandals are a weird combination.


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  • Lovely belts. And nice writings also. Especially I liked the How not to dress part. Thank you.

    Selina Kyle

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