How to Look Expensive: Part 2 - White Color

The “All in White” fashion outfit

Most of us have something that's white in our closets, but how often do we actually wear all-white? Probably only in summer, because it’s not the most practical outfit. It requires your care and attention, which may be why it makes us think of "high-end" and "exclusivity" when we see someone dressed all in white.

White should, however, be encouraged to be worn all year round; it works exceptionally well to wear it in fall or winter with beautiful white coats and jackets as your coverage. Plus it makes you stand out from the crowds who always choose black as their base. But how to pull this look off without failing?

White Pantsuits

The pantsuits of our times have certain things in common: great fabrics, fantastic quality, and luxe styles. Basically everything that's "in" has the biggest emphasis on fantastic fit. However, there are some pantsuit styles that are oversized and hobo-smart. If that’s your thing, by all means do it.

Nevertheless, if you want to keep it polished, smart, sophisticated, and office appropriate with a dash of cocktail style – go for a fab tailored pantsuit in white.

White pantsuits look so classy and expensive that they have been worn numerous times by celebrities on the red carpet. Notice the sexy spin on white pantsuits by celebrities wearing the jacket without a top underneath.


All White Top and Bottom Outfit

Pencil Dress

It's very elegant and classy, and definitely suitable for a business lunch/meeting. The last picture is an affordable Black Halo Jackie O dress. It is not a new style but it looks timeless in my opinion.

Day/Midi Dressy Outfit

Wrap or Faux-Wrap Dress

Classy Jumpsuits

They can give you extremely elegant look. This trendy style comes in many lengths, shapes and cuts. I'm going to show you some of the best models to try this summer.

Sexy Lace 

Lacy dresses can be worn during the day like a summer day flirty dress or it can be an elegant evening cocktail dress. 

White on the beach

White cover up and one piece swimming suits will definitely make you feel and look like a lady.

White Resort wear

White expensive resort wear is usually made of quality chiffon or silk.

White Summer Dress

White Silk

Winter white

White coats are hard to maintain (be prepared for regular and expensive trips to the dry cleaners), but they look incredibly classy and expensive. A White coat can be worn both day and evening. But I would be careful with wearing it for very casual outings. Depending on the situation, you can end up looking overdressed. Black won’t do that, for instance.


Accessories with a white outfit

A lot of fashionistas spice up all white outfits with red bags and shoes. Other colors can also work, but red is the most sure bet for both the elegant and sexy look.

White Summer Dress with Gucci Red Belt Bag


White Cocktail Dress

In general, I don't recommend to pair a white dress with white bag and white shoes, but on the second picture the girl is so tanned that the outfit somehow works. 

White Formal Wear

I have some pointers for anyone who wishes to make use of this classy fashion hack:

  • Feel free to use different shades of white in your outfit. Cream colors with white work great too!
  • You can also mix different textures of your garments: silk, cashmere, wool, jeans, corduroy, anything!
  • When you wear all-white, you have a great opportunity to break off the look with something eye-catching like shoes/bag/accessories in a bold color or print that pops out.
  • You can wear any colored shoes with this outfit, as contrasts work very well! 
  • All-white outfits works best when the garments are of higher quality. Avoid polyester and any cheap looking materials as it will ruin the overall look.
  • Make sure you wear the correct size and fit as everything shows in white! If possible, make sure your clothes are tailor-made.
  • Keep it simple when you go all-white. Elegance fails when it looks like you’re trying too hard.



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