How to Look Classy Part 3

Anything silk

I’ve mentioned how the silk blouse is a must for classy women to own. But I do want to add the importance of having silk as a common material in your wardrobe. It’s probably the most classy material out there (same goes for cashmere), because it’s delicate and expensive and signals elegance. Blouses, shirts, tops, camisoles, and dresses are perfect to wear in silk. The downside is that it gets easily ruined, wrinkled and must be dry-cleaned, but so worth it because it raises the value of any outfit when worn!

BTW, you can also read later "How to Look Classy" part 1 and 2. Links are on the bottom of the page.


A black blazer is a must in anyone’s wardrobe, but consider getting a blazer in other colors too! Navy, white, brown, red, etc., all work very well, and you can spice up many outfits this way! The blazer is perfect for when you want to look classy because it makes anyone look smarter. If you feel too hot wearing it, you can also hang it on your shoulders which has become a very fashionable thing to do when you want to look fashionable. If you like Smithe blazers but can’t afford them a couple of cheaper brands are Ann Taylor, BCBG Max Azria, and Theory. If you buy cheaper brands, just make sure they are done from quality fabric.

Pumps with closed-toe

Every woman MUST own a pair of black or neutral/nude colored pumps (nude/brown depending on your skin tone). Almost all my heels are either black or nude, and it’s very easy to match with clothes plus they are subtle and classy.

Classy pumps are versatile and work with many outfits. They're good for colder climates too because sandals/open-toe shoes are only worn during summer months. Pumps can be worn with casual clothes, for business, with skirts or dresses at night. The only time you cannot wear pumps is if you wear a long evening gown, then you must wear sandals or open toe.

Christian Louboutin's pumps with their signature red sole are ultimate fashion statement but I get by with cheaper versions by Brian Atwood and Pour la Victoire.


 Light Blue Shirt

It’s such a common garment to wear during the summer months, that its popularity has made it a classic must-have item! It’s an effortless way of looking classy on casual days (when worn without heels), or you could add a nice pair of heels to it, and you would have a perfect look for an elegant lunch or brunch.

Invest your money in simple things like white and black trousers, white and blue shirt, etc., because you can mix and match and create many sophisticated looks out of simple pieces.

 Pencil or sleek sheath dress

The pencil dress is the best way for a woman to combine classy and sexy without looking vulgar! It’s effortless fashion, but that carries a lot of femininity and classiness. If you have pencil dresses that have decollté and plenty of cleavages, I would try to move away from them and instead find classier models that have a bit more coverage on the chest. I love Roland Mouret pencil dresses, although I own a couple more affordable dresses, including a Likely "Park" pencil dress and my favorite Black Halo "Jackie O" dress.

Natural colors

If I promote pastels, white and black colors – I also need to give a big shout out to all the natural colors. With those, I’m referring to the colors that are more inclined to nature and are quite neutral. I’m talking about beige, brown, taupe, ivory and grey.

Wearing these colors in more high-quality materials like wool, cashmere, linen, silk, etc., will make the clothes look very expensive and elegant. It’s a very old money feel to this look, and these are colors that work all year round! There is plenty of room to play around, but the beauty is that you will look classy and sophisticated just by sticking to these neutral colors.

Here is one of my favorite pictures. If you pay attention, the woman is wearing a simple sweater and pants (nice boots though!), but how elegant she looks! This is a great example of how to look classy on a budget. 

Classy elegant woman in a beige sweater and pants with boots outfit

 Clutch bag

You don’t need to be invited to a ball to wear a clutch. I think everyone must own a small bag for formal occasions, as bringing your bulkier designer bag for party events can feel a bit out of place. You should get either a black or a beige/neutral clutch to be able to wear them with most outfits.

 Summer: classy romper or romper with blazer outfit

As an alternative, in the summer you can wear a classy romper with a stylish bag. In my opinion, a romper with a blazer on top looks very classy. Choose solid colors or striped version. 

Summer: dress shorts

Dress shorts paired with stylish top and a designer bag and heels look very classy in the summer. The paperbag pale blue shorts that are on the second picture were retailing for $40 but I can see how they can be styled to give a classy and expensive look.


 Summer: dress shorts + blazer





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