How to Look Classy Part 2

I want to continue on how to look classy every day: when working or studying in college, when going out, hanging out with friends, etc. You can also read my blogs "How to Look Classy" parts 1 and 3 as well. Additionally, there are also blogs about winter and fall fashion, resort fashion, etc. which will give you more fashion inspiration from the top bloggers of the world. 

A classy Jumpsuit

It’s easy to forget the existence of the jumpsuit, but let me be the person who will remind you. I already spoke about how important trousers are in a classy wardrobe, but jumpsuits carry the same level of chicness, if not more! They are great for evening attire, as it feels more dressy wearing a nice jumpsuit than just putting on a simple pair of trousers. 

I own one in red and one in cobalt but I should add one in black as well because it looks very elegant. 

Flaricent Clothing has these several gorgeous jumpsuits available HERE

Designer Handbag

It’s difficult to feel like a classy lady when you don’t own a designer handbag. For women, handbags are status symbols that can help group luxurious women together. I have girlfriends who’ve bought pre-owned Chanel bags in order to own a classy designer bag.

I personally don’t think that it’s a must to have a designer handbag because not all of us can pay $3-5k (a $1,000 for a pre-owned Chanel bag), but I do feel it’s important to have a high-quality leather bag. Basically, to appear like a classy lady you can’t have a basic bag from a man-made material, you need something that adds some luxury to your outfit. 

I love Chanel, Gucci, and Dior bags, but I personally own bags by Karen Millen, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors, Halston Heritage, Zac Posen, etc. I recommend them because some of their styles are similar to Chanel bags. You can also source nice bags at Topshop if you are on a budget. 


Pencil skirt

A classy woman must have at least one pencil skirt, if not more and preferably in all kinds of different colors! You can style them endlessly with different tops and color variations. Having mulitiple skirts is so handy when you want to make the most out of all your basic items! Pencil skirts are great because they are classy yet sexy and can work both for work and evening, all depending on how you style it! My affordable pencil skirts are by Zara, but if you can afford it, you can go with pricier brands.

Classy Beach Coverup

An elegant woman should wear classy clothing on the beach. Getting a nice tunic or kaftan for the beach is perfect when you want to be covered up yet look stylish.

Long sleeved or 3/4 sleeves dress

If you want to look classy, you should consider buying a long-sleeved pencil dress. I know it is a very simple design, but it makes you look extremely elegant without having to add too much styling to it. I like them in black, red, pastels, or natural colors. Think classic without any patterns or added details; less is more! Even a short party dress looks much more elegant with long sleeves. 

I personally own almost identical to the first picture in cobalt color. 

A-line, Skater or Fit-and flare Dress - Knee length

If you can’t afford Alaiia's dresses, there are other designers. But you have to be careful, because there are a lot of cheap looking dresses in this design. The most important when shopping for a dress of this kind is to get an expensive looking fabric like Alaiia’s to get a luxurious look. To look classy this dress has to go just above the knee and be without any décolletage. 

Wrap or faux-wrap dress

Diane von Furstenberg was the one who gave the wrap dress a name, but did you know it’s an amazing item to have in a classy wardrobe? Women who struggle to be feminine should definitely invest in a wrap dress! It’s also a perfect piece for any body shape as it’s flattering and covering, and works for anyone! I recently bought Haute Hippy faux-wrap dress on a discount (pictured in nude) and that dress looks both stylish and classy in my opinion. 


Old money fashion often involves pastels, and I understand why. It’s a subtle and classy color that works on most skin tones and hair colors. It’s also the number one fashion trend when spring starts, as year after year the fashion houses produce apparel in lovely pastels as it carries a summery feel. It makes pastels timeless fashion that works year after year – well worth investing your money in!

To describe what pastels are think of it as a neutral shade of its original color. So we’re talking baby blue (instead of blue), soft pink (instead of bright pink), mauve (instead of purple) and pale yellow (instead of yellow).

Black Coat

The one coat that must be in every chic woman’s wardrobe is the black coat. If you don’t have much money and you have to get something classy (and you live in a cold climate), the black coat will save your fashion life! It’s important to have a coat for when you go out at night, as with dressy outfits and cute dresses you can’t wear a normal jacket – a coat is mandatory for these occasions if you want to look classy!

But the beauty with black coats is that you can get a versatile one, one that is dressy enough for the evening, but still casual to be worn during the day with your usual jeans or other comfortable clothes. Luckily these days, Zara does excellent coats for about $100 if your budget is tight!

 White, Camel or Light coloured Coat

A black coat is a must. This one is for you who wants to take up your look a notch and really look high-end. It’s much harder to maintain a white or light-colored coat, so you need to be careful or expect regular trips to the dry-cleaning. The beauty though is that is exactly what will give you that classy, sophisticated look without having to do much! Also, white/light colors are very flattering if you’re age conscious because they are not as aging as black, and will make you look younger.

A white/light coat is necessary if you want to do the “all-white” trick where you look expensive just by dressing yourself all in white/light colors.

 Trench Coat

I sold many of my Burberry coats and trench coats since I moved back to warm Los Angeles, but I still kept couple of them. If you are edgier in fashion, you need to buy very fashionable in 2018 so called “new trench” coats that have more innovated edgier cuts. But if you are more conservative in style stick to Burberry style classic trench coats. 


You might consider stylish cardigans to upgrade your look. To look elegant, they need to be in a solid color, expensive looking (perhaps cashmere) and the colors have to be mostly black, red, white, pastels or other natural colors. Also, a lot of elegant women wear sets, like top and cardigan.

Black Sunglasses

How can you be classy without owning a nice pair of black shades? Black sunglasses are so classy and timeless, it worked in the 50’s, and it still works in 2018. It’s such a must-have piece for sunny days, preferably all-black, sophisticated and oversized. Invest in a designer ones. The best oversized sunglasses are Gucci and Dior in my opinion, but I also've bought other brands: Chloe, YSL, Burberry. They cost around $250-300 but they will last you for years. If you can't afford designer ones, try to find ones that have good quality and look expensive.

Shirt dress

The shirt dress also look very classy if worn with right shoes and accessories.  They can be from cotton, linen or 100% silk (like Equipment shirt dresses).

Safari dress

Similar to the shirt dresses, safari dresses also marry style with utility. Safari dresses are made from natural colors, like tan or olive which make them look classy. I have seen cheap brands like H&M making quite decent looking safari dresses (in case you are on the budget), otherwise, buy linen, cotton or their blends expensive ones.


Unless you’re living in a country where it’s too hot for turtlenecks, I would be wise and invest in several ones in multiple colors! White, black, beige, pastel, grey or similar! The good news is that you can get turtlenecks anywhere and in my opinion, Banana Republic ones look as expensive as Chloe's. In fact I do recommend Banana Republic for your turtlenecks if you are on a budget. I've tried other brands at the same price point, like Zara or Ann Taylor and the quality is not the same.

And finally, I just wanted to include couple of examples of women dressed as I talked about in different sections. Perhaps the best would be Jessica Alba for this example: pastel 100% silk skirt, black classy top, designer bag, oversized black sunglasses and immaculate hair. The result is amazing. She looks like million bucks.





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