Different Types of Herve Leger Dresses

There are different types of Herve Leger dresses: individually banded and not, ombre, coated, foiled, embellished, jacquard, sequined, A-lines, etc. Below is the breakdown of what they are.

Individually Banded

Herve Leger banding falls into two categories. Some dresses are faux-banded; this means the bands are not individual strips sewn together. Individually banded dresses are more difficult to produce, but they also provide greater hold. If the bust area is individually banded, this means more push-up power. If the waist and/or hips have individual banding, it means greater shaping in that area. The dresses below are individually banded from top to bottom. Usually individually banded dresses cost more than those that aren't.

Not Individually Banded

Rubber Coated Dresses


Color Blocking

Slimming Vertical Piping Dresses


Woodgrain Foil Dresses

Herve Leger Ombre Dresses

Herve Leger Sequin Dresses


If you can afford it, many runway pieces provide the best fit possible. These usually retail a few thousand dollars.



I really like Herve Leger studded dresses. They are edgy.

Herve Leger Dresses with "Other" Embellishments

I particularly like the first dress - dress with metal plates embellishments. I know it retailed around $8,000 and it was extremely heavy.