Celebrities Wearing Herve Leger

Designer Herve Leger, who passed away at the age of 60 on October 6, 2017, was most famous for his role in designing one of the most enduring, iconic dresses of the 90's. His famous bandage dress has prevailed til today as the premiere red carpet attire of choice for celebrities and A-listers alike.

Herve Leger was a fashion genius who used strips of luxury material sewn together to design his figure-accentuating dress. It's no wonder, then, how the dress grew to become a hit amongst all women, not just celebrities, with its sexy second-skin look, the shaping properties and beautiful design.

Celebrities Wearing Herve Leger on the Red Carpet

The Red Carpet, whether it's at the Oscars, the Emmys, a film premiere, or anywhere else, is a place where Celebrities need to look their best. Many celebrities choose Herve Leger for such occasions. 


Jennifer Lopes

J-Lo has the quintessential curvy body, perfect for showing off in an Herve Leger dress.


My favorite look on Jennifer Lopez was coated and the metal inspired Herve Leger collections. J-Lo looked like ultimate pop star.

One of the most popular Herve Leger dresses were in ombre hue and Jennifer wore beautiful Katherine silver ombre dress. 


The Herve Leger Katherine sequin dress has been worn by many celebrities in different colors.

Celebrities Wearing Herve Leger in Fashion Editorial Magazines


Christina Aguilera in Fashion Editorial

Rihanna in Herve Leger

Rihanna has worn a lot of Herve Leger minis, to show off her beautiful legs. 

My favorite look on Rihanna is vintage Herve Leger.

Rachel Bilson

She looks very cute in Herve Leger dresses, but she is very short, so Rachel Bilson altered her dresses to fit her petite frame. How do you alter Herve Leger to fit a petite frame? Remove one or two of the last bandages!

Katy Perry

Singers Wearing Herve Leger On Stage 

Herve Leger dresses are perfect for performing on a large stage.

Herve Leger worn by Famous Bloggers

Unless you're one of their million strong Instagram followers, you've probably never heard of these girls below. They are an example of a new term in popular culture: "Insta-Celebrities". You might not have heard about them, but these girls are famous in a growing legion of 'Instafamous' stars who exist within the realm of the photo-sharing app.  Their popularity becomes so large that they land huge modeling gigs, which occur outside their Instagram bubble.