Stylish Coats - Part 2 - Bright Colors

When it comes to color, the brightest ones on the wheel typically get awarded to summer wardrobes, while cold weather brings tamer neutrals. For example, I'd be willing to bet your winter coat is a variation of brown, black, navy, tan, or olive. But since stylish, colorful winter outewear is a tried-and-true way of brightening up the dreary weather, I rounded up different ways the fashion bloggers are wearing some serious colors, proving that a bright statement looks just as good in January as it does in June.

Bright Pink

Orange and Red


Cobalt has been my favorite color for several years now.

Purple and Lavender 


Wearing a yellow coat in winter is truly a bold fashion statement. 

Lime Green

Some Instagram fashionistas manage to pull off bright lime green color in winter.