Stylish Coats - Part 1 - Classy and Neutral Colors

If you live in a cold climate, you need a warm winter coat to survive till Spring. While hibernating in a heated home during cold months is ideal, we’ve all gotta leave the house sometime, and we can also look stylish doing so!

Your coat is arguably the most important purchase you'll make all season. It's the one piece virtually everyone sees you in, from strangers on the street to coworkers and family. And with so many statement-making, on-trend offerings available now, it's officially time to start viewing your coat like the integral wardrobe item it is.

If anyone knows how to work an outerwear option, it's the bloggers on Instagram. From throwing a belt on top to matching with accessories, the fashion bloggers have a seemingly endless supply of styling tricks for elevating a simple wardrobe staple into a fashion statement. 

Below are some inspirational ideas on how to wear a coat from some classy and stylish women. 

What is a classy coat?

Classy coats are usually made from neutral colors. If you didn't read my blog "How to be classy", neutral colors don't usually show up on the color wheel. Neutral colors include black, white, gray, and sometimes brown and beige. They are sometimes called “earth tones.” So this blog is about how to wear these colors in winter.

Black coat

The one and only coat that must be in every chic woman’s wardrobe is the black coat. The good news is you don't have a lot of money is that you can get a versatile one. One coat that is dressy enough for the evening, but still casual to be worn during the day.

If you don't like black, dark navy coat is the next best thing.

White-colored coat 

The black coat is a must, but white or pastel coat is for those of you who want to take up your look a notch and really look high-end. The most difficult to maintain is a white coat. In full honesty, I sold my Burberry white coat because I had to dry clean it after each wear, but I sort of regret it now because of how classy it made me look. I'm actually thinking about buying another one. 

I need to mention white coats to be worn as part of the "all-white winter" look. This look is favored by upscale dressed women.

And finally my favorite white coat. I don't know why but I find this Burberry's white coat the cutest. This style is several years old but I would wear it in a heartbeat.

Camel Coat

Chances are, you probably own a black coat, and you're probably sick of the said black coat. And if you aren't, well, we are, which is why we're warming up to a richer shade—camel—to take our winter outerwear to the next level. The caramel hue is intrinsically elegant, conveying sophistication that black just doesn't impart quite as easily. It's also a shade that commands attention without being too in-your-face, unlike, say, canary yellow or fire-engine-red. Finally, it's completely wearable, since it does fall in the neutral family.


Pastel Color Coat

A Pastel color coat is another example of how to look elegant and classy. Though pastel colors are not "neutral colors", by taming down pink, blue, lavender color, etc. into a light pastel hue, you will achieve the same result. 



The gray-colored coat is the perfect choice for everyday outerwear. 


Other Neutral Color Hues