Bright Colors Outfit Ideas Part 3 - Red

Red is such a gorgeous color. If you want to make a statement, forget mixing prints and using the color wheel to put together a statement-making look. Just wear red! It's such a winning color, I guarantee you will get a second look when passing people on the street or at a party.

I put together a board on how to wear red for different occasions.

Cocktail Dress

Midi Dress

Formal Event Dress

Business Casual Dress

It's a great way to make your usual business-casual look like a head-turner outfit.

Red Jumpsuit


A red pantsuit has a very powerful statement: I am elegant, sexy and strong.


The red pantsuit has been extremely popular with celebrities over the years as an outfit for special events. If a celebrity opted out of a dress and wore something else on a red carpet - usually it was a white or red pantsuit. So, for those who are on a budget, a red pantsuit is a good investment, because this is something you can wear year after year and still look like a fashionista.

Red is such a great color. You can get a hue that is the most favorable for your hair and skin tone. For example, I am convinced that I don't look that great in orangey red (poppy red), so I go for deep red colors. Red ranges from poppy red all the way to deep maroon on the color spectrum.

Polka Dot

A red polka dot outfit might be a great way to stand out from the crowd, as the most common polka dots are white and black color combination. 

Casual Day Outfit

Day Dress

Summer Flirty Mini Dress 

Red top 

Red Skirt

Red Pants

A red top or bottom can be paired with another pattern but you need to have a good style sense how not to look over-the-top and ridiculous. 

Red at the beach

Red Resort Wear or Summer Long Dress

Red Herve Leger Bandage Dress

Red in the Spring or Fall

Red Coat


It is a great idea to spice up a monochromic white or black outfit with red shoes or bags or both.



Red can look trashy if you don't know how to wear it

Be careful with red. If it's over-the-top with oversized jewelry or belt or see-through or some other faux pas, red can look quite trashy.


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