Bright Colors Outfit Ideas Part 1

Summer is the time to wear bright colors, even for those who in general dress conservatively. 

Solid Colors

First, let's start with solid colors. 

For a lot of us, summer is the time to wear all those bright short girly flirty dresses.


On nice summer Sunday afternoon in the rose garden, I wore a cute Alexis lemon lime dress - a color that I never wear! I felt great and really enjoyed my time there.


Summer bright colors make great vacation photos in my opinion :)


Another outfit idea for this summer is to buy a bright ombre dress. I can tell you that ombre outfits attract a lot of attention. When I wear something ombre, I always have both men and women approach me with compliments how beautiful my dress is. 


Printed Fabrics

Print fabrics can be broken down into three main categories: florals, geometrics, and novelties.

Floral Patterns

Summer is a great time to wear all those florals that you might be into.

Where it began: With Mother Nature, really. Flowers-as-adornment is as old as the hills. But in terms of being painted or printed on clothing, blossoms were seen on Japanese kimonos around the year 794 and on rich Genoese velvets in the 1400s.

Why it keeps coming back: In a word, pretty. We always think of a flower as the symbol of a woman. And there are countless interpretations to appeal to any taste—from soft, watercolor petals to full-on flower power, as worn by ’60s model and “it girl” Jean Shrimpton.


Summer bright patterns can be very busy for a small frame like mine, so I think it might be a good idea to wear just patterned skirt or top (more on this below) or to wear a cut off corset top with a skirt or shorts. Showing more skin in fact in this case looks more elegant if it breaks a very busy pattern and you don't look like wearing the whole flower field. The two-piece floral set looks very young and cute.

Summer - is the time when we can experiment with new patterns. You can try and go as far as novelty (conversational) prints that feature motifs that are neither abstract nor simple florals. Frequently the prints feature themes such as places, activities or holidays.

Pairing bright colors with white (top or bottom), always is a great idea to offset some of that "brightness" in order to look more elegant.

Geometric Patterns: Squares

Geometric Patterns: Polka Dots

You can read my blog about how to wear summer polka dots here. The most popular polka dots colors are black and white combination but there are bright polka dots alternatives are out there too.

Geometric Patterns: Striped

Striped patterns are similar to florals. You can go very bright and bold in the summer, but overdoing it (most likely by not matching colors well) will make you look ridiculous. 

I really like the idea of striped pants that can give you leaner, slimming look with a monochromic top, either bright one of not.

What Does Not Work

These are the examples of what I think doesn't work because the colors become too much and almost disturbing. Obviously, this is just one person's opinion and it is not bad, but I think, if just one color was tweaked in each outfit, it could be a winning outfit.

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