Barrete is the Hottest Trend of 2019

You might already be aware of the 2019 fashion trend for hair  – barrettes. 
Barrettes, the hair accessory from when you were 6 years old, made a big return in 2019. It all started in Paris and NY Fashion Weeks where barrettes appeared everywhere and the fashionistas on the streets made them the "it" accessory. 
Barrettes are a wonderful way to spice up your style, add a touch of your personality and help you stand out from the crowd.  Barrettes are the fashion trend that is quite easy and affordable to pull off:

How to Wear Barrette?

  • Separate your hair either in the middle or one side, then place one or a few barrettes on one side of the head.
  • They don't have to be all parallel!
  • Preferably wear barrettes on only one side of your head. I have seen bloggers wearing them on both sides. If you have a young pretty face, you can get away with anything of course, but I'd lean on the side of caution when it comes to overdoing barrettes.
  • Barrettes don't necessarily have to be functional. They can be just an oversized accessory, serving only as an embellishment, enhancing your outfit.
  • Barrettes are usually accessories that work best with "dressy" outfits but can be worn with casual shorts and jeans as well. 

Dressy Outfits with Barrettes

Barrettes are brilliant worn with a midi dress for your lunch with girlfriends or cocktail dress for your date night.


How to Wear Jeans or Shorts with Barrettes


Barrettes should not be shelved when the cold weather arrives. They can be equally worn with your fall leather jackets and winter coats.

In 2019 headbands are almost as popular as barrettes.