Are you into Fashion or Style?

Are you obsessed with fashion or style? What is the difference?

In my younger days I was all about fashion. I studied the latest trends, I was looking at other girls in order to copy their latest trendy outfits. I needed to have them! Now I look at my old photographs and think: "How didn't I see that this outfit does not suit my body type?" Most of us can't wear anything. Most of us need to think about what suits our body type, our mood, the occasion... our style! It is all about finding your style, not the latest fashion. (But if you can manage both at the same time, more power to you!)

Fashion is the relationship to the external.

It is related to “what’s out there” (what everybody is wearing, what's in the stores now). If people take it too far, it can become "I want to wear what everybody is wearing right now." And "What are they thinking about how I am dressed right now."   

Style is the relationship to the internal.

It’s about “what’s in here” (my sense of self, my identity, my perception of who I am).  Does what I am wearing reflects who I am and how I feel about myself? 

You, or the clothes?

With fashion, the emphasis is on the clothing, the items deemed to be fashionable.  With style, it’s on the person.

Fashion can be a way to distance yourself from yourself, which may be a desirable thing for some people at certain points in time.

Style is a way to make closer your relationship to yourself, as its focus and orientation are on the self.

Loving and honoring yourself

I think it’s all about truly, truly knowing yourself, loving yourself – not just modifying, covering flaws, etc. – but loving yourself exactly the way you are right now – and dressing to honor that.